About Me

Hey there,

I'm Donna, and I'm truly delighted you're here! Back in 2019, I mustered the courage to leave behind a 21-year stint as a project manager in the corporate realm. Why? Because I was on a quest for something far more fulfilling. As a single mom, it was a leap of faith that sent shivers down my spine. These past years have been a journey of introspection and transformative changes.

My voyage led me to become a Reiki Master, an Advanced Crystal Healing Practitioner, and a Certified Life and Life Purpose Coach, alongside embracing the role of a Spiritual Life Coach. In this endeavor, I birthed "Rock This Out" with a grand vision—to nurture a haven where women could bask in the empowerment of simply being themselves. What has unfolded since then surpasses my wildest dreams.

Witnessing incredible women orchestrate potent shifts in their lives fills me with gratitude beyond measure. This is my passion, my calling, and my tribute to the journey we all share.

With deep gratitude,