About Me

Hi, I'm Donna and thank you so much for stopping by!  In 2019 I left my job of 21 years in the corporate world as a project manager to do something that was more fulfilling.  As a single mom, it was the scariest thing I've ever done. Over the last several years, I've done some serious soul searching and made some major shifts in my life.


Part of that journey now includes becoming a Reiki Master, Advanced Crystal Healing Practitioner as well as a Certified Life Purpose Coach and Spiritual Life Coach.  I started Rock This Out with the vision of building a business that helped women feel empowered by just being themselves.  It's evolved into so much more as I find myself not only called to share the magic of crystals, their beauty and their energetic frequencies, but to help others either with energy healing and as a spiritual mentor as I assist others along their spiritual path.  

If you are on your spiritual path and aren't sure what's next, feel free to book a free 20 minute session with me here.