Facing Your Mountain!


 When I decided to start my own business, I was working on finding a name.  I wrote down about 50.  At the ripe old age of about 48, I felt like I had done so much in my life.  I used the term "Rock this out" frequently.  As I would start something I did and still do say "ok, let's rock this out and then start on the next item".  As I would go into meetings at my corporate job, if I had to speak, give a heavy presentation or even give bad news, I would think to myself, "Come on, Donna, rock this out and get it overwith. You can do it."  

I decided that was a pretty amazing name for the business.  Then I looked for a logo. I wanted a feeling of accomplishment.   A feeling of pride.  I chose mountains in the background on the logo and I didn't quite understand or know why I felt they were pivotal to the logo.  I just knew they needed to be there. 

My oldest daughter called me a few months ago and asked me to create a piece of wood art for her.  She had a very specific idea in mind.  Creating custom pieces can sometimes be difficult for me.  I always worry about making sure these are perfect and live up to what my customers want.  This piece was something I had been thinking about trying but hadn't yet.  I started on it. 

As a project manager, I planned everything out in the projects.  All the pieces are laid out.  Who does what, when and how.  It drove me crazy at times to feel like we had to stick to this map even if it sometimes changed and didn't make sense.

As a creator, I just do.  I don't have everything thought out, I just start and see where it takes me.  I finished my daughter's piece and she loved it.  I learned a lot in creating that custom piece. 

It inspired me to create more - similar but different items.  I started working on a mountain piece.  I didn't know why.  I just felt I needed to. As I started it, I made 3 peaks.  I imagined each as one of my kids.  As I created this first mountain piece, I felt in the groove.  I loved it. 

As I stood and looked at the finished product, I began to create a few more mountain pieces.  Each one unique and different.  One night as I was working on one of the pieces I started to realize how many mountain items I now had completed.  This made me curious as to why I felt compelled to create so many items with the same theme.

I started to think about several years ago when I took the kids to Zion National Park.  We did the Angel's Landing hike.  I had heard from a friend that it was tough and there were chains to hold onto on the side of a cliff, etc. with no railing in some parts.  My youngest, was only 9 at the time.  We did the hike and it was an extremely tough hiike.  We stopped at what we thought was the top.  

As we sat down to rest, we noticed a peak off in the distance.  It was a great deal higher and looked a lot more intense than the one we had just climbed and yet, we saw people climbing up it.  I had seen that the Angel's Landing hike was extremely difficult and I mentioned to the kids, "if this one is extremely difficult, what the heck is that one?". 

As a man walked by, hearing me ask this, he answered, "that's the other half of this one.  You're only halfway there."  We felt defeated.  We were already exhausted and we were so high up and now to know we were only halfway?  

My son, who is a bit afraid of heights sat down and said he wasn't going.  My oldest, who was the most excited about the hike in the beginning started having thoughts of her clumbsy mama just toppling over the side of a mountain, said, "no, let's not do it."  My youngest said, "Let's do it!".  

I looked at that mountain and told the kids, "if we go back down now, we will always wish we had gone on and finished.  We'll always wonder." 

After a snack, we all agreed, we needed to do it.  It was considerably higher than where we were and most of the path up had nothing to keep you from falling.  It was treacherous.  My son, holding one of my 9 year old's hand, and me holding the other, we scaled this mountain.  

We made it to the top and the views were utterly spectacular.  I've never seen anything quite like it and it will forever be engraved in my memory.

I think we've all faced mountains.  Some big, some small. One that may seem huge for me, may be nothing for someone else.  When you start up the mountains of life, sometimes they may seem too big.  You may wonder if it's too much.  Some turn back and don't try.  Some try and give up half way through.  I realized a long time ago that usually what's on the other side is worth the climb.  It's worth the work. 

As I thought about all those mountain pieces, I remembered my logo.  I realized why I needed that mountain there.  

My wish for you is that I hope as you begin the climb up some of the mountains in your life, that you realize you can do it...You're stronger than you think.  I hope that the climb gets easier.  I hope that the view on the other side is the best view yet.  And I hope you will take the time to look back when you've finished and realize how much you've accomplished.  

With all of that being said, here is a peak at our newest Mountain Collection


Mountain Collection Video