Tiffany Sams: Our Monthly Woman of Inspiration Spotlight

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Our mission at Rock This Out is to inspire women to be their authentic selves.  Each of us have women in our lives who inspire us in so many ways.  Each month we will spotlight one woman, how they inspire others and how they maintain their authenticity.  We hope that these women can also inspire you in some way.  If there are any women in your life that you would like to nominate for our monthly spotlight, please shoot us an email to  We would love to hear from you. 

This month our

Woman of Inspiration is

Tiffany Sams 

Tiffany is a wife and a mother of three beautiful daughters, as well as the President and owner of Skidaddles, Inc., a drop-in, anytime childcare facility.  Skidaddles currently has two locations, one in Northern Kentucky and the other in Mason, Ohio.  

In addition to juggling the ins and outs of maintaining two full time businesses with over fifty employees, she volunteers her time for numerous organizations.  She has served as the treasurer of the PTSA for her daughters' schools.  She also is a member of the board for Morehead State University's College of Business.  Morehead State is also Tiffany's Alma Mater where she received her degree in both Accounting and Finance.  In addition, Tiffany has developed a thriving preschool facility at her local church and participates in numerous other volunteer efforts.

Like so many women, she is always busy and on the run, but somehow always finds a way to make time for her family and friends.

What makes Tiffany a woman of inspiration, in our eyes, is not only her success in business, it's that through it all, she consistently maintains a positive attitude no matter what obstacles are placed in front of her.  She is known for always having a smile on her face and is always a joy to be around.  Tiffany leads by example to inspire others to be more and do more.  She lifts up those around her and steps in to help those who need it. 

One of the many ways Tiffany has stayed true to herself and maintained her authenticity is always trusting her instincts.  She listened to her heart when she and her husband, Mike decided to open the doors of Skidaddles, Inc. in 2008 while the market crashed and the economy was low.  She knew that a drop-in, anytime childcare business would not only be needed, but would help families struggling to find childcare while working odd hours.  It would give a working mom a few hours to finish Christmas shopping on a Saturday or just to allow parents a much needed date night.  

Tiffany's positive attitude and ability to listen to her heart is now leading her to help other parents who may want to step into the entrepreneurial world.  Skidaddles, Inc. now offers franchising opportunities.  Tiffany believes this would be a perfect segue for that working mom who may be interested in working for herself with the ability to set her own schedule.

Tiffany attributes the Skidaddles' success to her wonderful employees and management team, saying she couldn't have done it without them.  

Just a few things some of the Skidaddles employees and friends added about Tiffany:

Tiffany is a beautiful soul inside and out. In a very negative world, she brings positivity to any situation. That is something I admire about her. 

As a business owner and busy mom, she coordinates running her three girls to numerous activities with a smile. She makes times to volunteer for the PTSA and makes time for her family and friends. 
-Stacey A.
Tiffany always finds the silver lining.  She is a wonderful mother and a true friend.  Her daughters are so lucky to have such an amazing mother who sets such an amazing example for them always.  She is always there to help anyone around her and you never hear her say anything negative about anyone.  She never stops and is always looking for ways to help someone or coming up with new business ventures.  She's the definition of inspiring.
-Donna S.
Tiffany Sams is the most kind and inspiring woman I know. She puts her 
family first and still finds time to encourage and help out her staff in 
any situation. She is always lending a hand to her community and church, 
despite raising three girls and running a business. She inspires me to 
be the best leader I can be, no matter the situation.
-Emma M. 
I met Tiffany roughly 10 years ago and I was unaware of the impact she would make on me not only as a professional but as an individual. She has this unbelievable way to inspire others around her and teaches them something along the way. What I admire most about her is her persistence to be great. Nothing is too complicated or out of reach. She does all this while managing her family and a successful company. She is the definition of true leadership. 
-Holly N. 
We are so honored to spotlight Tiffany as our very first Woman of Inspiration.  And thank you, Tiffany for being an inspirational woman to all of those around you.