Which Crystals to Start With?

Posted by Donna Evans on

One of the questions I hear a lot is, "I love crystals, but I never know which ones to choose."  This is literally one of the easiest questions to answer, because there is no wrong crystal to choose.  

The best Crystal to start with for you is the one you are drawn to.  Our bodies are incredible creations.  Just like we crave foods our bodies need, your body will also increase your attention and pull to any one crystal over another.  If you are shopping at a crystal shop and feel very drawn to any one specimen, I suggest you try it.  If it's a small tumble, carry it around with you and tune in to see what changes for you.  Do you feel more relaxed?  Do you feel more joy?  

If you're looking for a specific set of crystals to get started with to determine if crystals are right for you, here are my picks of what I suggest as a great starter set. 

I always start with clear quartz.  This is a master healer and is the perfect starter crystal.  It will increase the energy for whatever your intentions are.

Black Obsidian is a wonderful stone for protection. 

Amethyst is the best to help with stress and anxiety.  

I love Citrine to help with joy, happiness and even increasing manifestations.

Rose quartz helps so much with self love and forgiveness.  

Selenite is perfect to help with mental clarity and it is a natural cleanser and will help with cleansing and clearing the other crystals.  

All of these are also available in the shop as a set for only $14.99.  The set also includes a stick of Palo Santo to cleanse yourself and the crystals as well as a card that has all the information you need to get you started.  

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