Using the Moon Phases to Your Advantage

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The moon and it's phases isn't something I really thought much about until the last few years.  When I started really looking into it, I found it so interesting and I thought I would share a little bit of what I've learned.  

Most everyone knows that the moon affects the tides of the oceans due to it's gravitational pull.  Since ancient times people have used the moon to keep track of what month it is, with the moon's relation to the stars or what day it is based on the phase of the moon. They've used it's phases to guide planting seasons (aka Farmer's Almanac), in astrology and it's been used for religious ceremonies and for so many other things.  

When people act crazy or weird things happen you hear people saying, "Is it a full moon tonight?".  In fact, the word lunatic is derived from "lunaticus" which means "of the moon" or  "moonstruck".  It obviously affects people!  

This weekend, starting Thursday night we are currently experiencing a Full Moon weekend all through Sunday.  AND to top it all off, it's over Halloween, so get ready for some crazy things to happen. Hopefully not a lot of "lunatics" around for you to deal with.  2020 has been crazy enough!  

Fortunately, we can use the moon's energy and it's phases to better connect with our own innerselves.  

Here's a quick summary of how to use the moon and it's phases to enhance your life:


This is known traditionally as a fresh start.  A time to retreat and gain strength to begin again.  This is a good time to recharge and reboot.  Allow yourself alone time, if needed.   


The Waxing Moon represents your intentions, hopes and wishes.  This is a great time after your recharge/reboot to start laying the mental groundwork for your next projects and next venture.  Set intentions for the next few weeks. 


Remain flexible, but keep your intentions close as you may begin to face obstacles in your path for your project.  Be prepared to make decisions quickly. Journal and make a list to remind yourself of the intentions you set the week prior in order to keep moving forward.


Adjust, refine and edit.  You may need to reevaluate the current path and/or change direction.  This moon holds potential for change.  Allow yourself the chance to determine if this is the correct way to reach your intention. 


Reap the benefits of what you've started with the New Moon.  This signifies the release and sealing of your intentions.  Pay attention for possible new opportunities.  Keep an open mind and make sure you can recognize new possibilities and that you're open to receive them.  


This moon phase allows for gratitude, sharing and enthusiasm.  Recognizing the abundance you've worked for in the weeks prior.  Give back, share and be kind to those around you.


Use this time to release, let go and forgive.  Allow yourself the space to bring in all the new intentions for the coming new moon.  Clean your surroundings, throw away unwanted things and mentally move out thoughts that don't serve you positively. 


Relax and surrender.  Know that not everything is in your control and that's ok.  



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