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1.  Portable Mini Humidifer

These adorable humidifiers are not only cute, but is also functional to help your plants get the humidity they need.  

You can find them here:

2.  Lechuza Self Watering Planter

These self watering planters make caring for your plants easy.  With it's water indicator, you'll always know when they're thirsty.  

3.  Terracotta Watering Spikes

Slow release watering plant spikes offer another easy way to care for your plants.  These offer a perfect way to water while you're out of town as they release water as it's needed.  

Find them here:

4.  Hanging Plant Shelves

Our hanging plant shelves make a perfect way to display and care for your plants.  Keeping them out of the way and providing plenty of window space for light, these can hang from the wall, ceilings or even a curtain rod. 

Find them here:

5.  Self Watering Bulbs

Along the same lines of making watering easy for you and your plant babies, these adorable self watering bulbs offer an adorable way to make sure your plants are exactly the amount of water they need. 

You can get them here:

6.  Plant Lady Mug

Our plant lady mugs take your love for plants and coffee to new heights.  These gorgeous mugs make waking up to your greenery a highlight.

7.  LED Grow Light

These LED Grow Lights help to make sure those babies keep growing all through the winter months and on.  These grow lights allow you to set a timer and brightness.  

Find them here:

8.  Propagation Stations 

Multiply your plants with propagation stations.  These cute prop stations allow you to remove the glass tube for cleaning or water changing.  

Find there here:







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